Wednesday, January 25, 2017

How Can Whole Food Concentrates Compliment Whole Food Nutrition?

Whole Food concentrates are foods that are dried and then ground into a powder form. The powder can either be put into capsules or reconstituted with a liquid. This is the best way to get a highly dense form of whole food nutrition that is as close to nature as possible, aside from actually eating the individual ingredients.
Why take supplements instead of just eating the whole food? It would be very difficult and probably unappealing to eat a few heads of broccoli, a plate of alfalfa sprouts, a couple bulbs of fennel, and aloe vera gel, for breakfast. Yet, you can enjoy the full spectrum of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, enzymes, antioxidants and phytonutrients these foods have to offer by getting all these in the form of a whole food concentrate. Depending on where you live, variety and quality of produce may be hard to come by. Most people, even the most health conscious, don't have easy access to super foods or marine plant life from around the globe. The better thing would be to enjoy a variety of local fruits and vegetables, and add a whole food concentrate formula to your diet. Whole food nutrition is a far better option than taking a multivitamin to round out your nutrition. Look for a whole food concentrate that provides a full spectrum of nutrition from a variety of sources. Look for ingredients made up of fruits and vegetables that may not be readily available to you from your local grocery store. That way you are complimenting what you eat instead of just duplicating it. Most importantly, make sure it is not heat processed but cold pressed or processed to keep the valuable micronutrients in tact.
Whole food concentrates are as close to nature as possible and highly absorbable at a cellular level. Most importantly, unlike many of the juice products available, they're not pasteurized or chemically altered, killing the majority of beneficial nutrition. Whole food nutrition through concentrates deliver live nutrients. You may think you are getting live nutrition from the array of organic juice available everywhere. However, if you are buying these and they are pasteurized, you are missing most of the vital nutrition that those products have to offer, which are destroyed in the pasteurization process. Note, juice from concentrate, like the kind in the aisles of your grocery store, is not the same thing as a whole food concentrate formula. These products have been pasteurized prior to being made into concentrate, then reconstituted, and packaged.
Taking individual vitamins or minerals does not have the same effect (or bioavailability) as consuming these nutrients in their natural state. Also, many of these "pills" have been chemically processed making absorption by our cells even more ineffectual. Research is just beginning to understand the synergistic effect that the thousands of phytonutrients within fruits and vegetables play in delivering the maximum absorption and benefit of various individual vitamins and minerals. The best thing you can do for your body is to eat a variety of whole foods and compliment your diet with whole food nutrition from a full spectrum concentrate.

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